Funding some Fun

Completely balance, as all things should be

Stabilization Fund

To ensure the stability of MSC once it reaches the peg of 1 USD, the Stabilization Fund (here called SF for short) will be the main factor to support MSC’s journey back to 1 should it ever fall to the darkside. The SF will not take in MSS nor will it stake to farm MSS. The SF will be used under hyper supervision to assist the balance of MSC price around 1$ through various means and strategies, including but not limited to: new pool reward, collaborations, releasing new products, etc...
SF reserve will be consist of BUSD and BNB with a roughly 50-50 ratio.

Expect the unexpected

Details are subjected to sudden changes without prior notice.
Fund spending can be voted upon later down the pipeline.
In the event of overwhelming demand surpassing prediction and expectation, the ratio might be adjusted to fit the market sentiment and to be adjusted upon the next epoch after the decision to adjust been made.
We planned to release an expense list every month on the 10th, covering all the spending from last month.

Community Fund

The Community Fund (here called CF for short) will be used to pay for expenses including but not limited to PR, Marketing, Listing, KoL, Bounties, Artwork, Developer salary, etc…
The CF will receive MSS and use it to buy other funds or staking to get MSC with the ratio of 10% MSC - 25% MSS - 65% BNB.